Purpose-built for 
nonprofit payment 
Securely accept nonprofit payments wherever,
whenever, and however you want to.

One integration to handle all your
payment needs

Securely accept payments from anywhere including online fundraising and CRM
integrations, to auctions and fundraising events.

Hundreds of Technology Partners


iATS is integrated with hundreds
of technology partners and can manage
payments from your CRM, auction software,
online fundraising and more.
Everything just got a whole lot simpler.

Technology Marketplace

Simplify accepting online donations


iATS Online Forms allow you to accept
one-time or recurring donations
with no programming knowledge
or setup fees.

Online Forms

Payments on the go, from anywhere


Easily collect payments at fundraisers,
special events, community events,
and more without bulky equipment.

Mobile Payments

We accept multiple payment types.

iATS helps streamline fundraising and save more time by handling all international,
USD credit card, CDN payments and ACH payments on one consolidated platform.

Easily accept all major credit cards

Save time and simplify accepting
payments with comprehensive,
secure credit card processing.



ACH and Direct Debit

Quickly, easily receive donations
directly in a cost-effective manner.


  • Accept and initiate electronic transactions
  • Setup and manage one-time and recurring payments
  • 24/7 online reporting
  • Full refund capability
  • No hardware or software requirements

International Processing

Accept payments wherever your donors are.



  • Provide merchant accounts in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and European Union
  • Accept payments from credit cards worldwide

Complete security, no extra fees

Your security is our top priority. iATS Payments ensures that all your transactions and data are stored in a secured
vault and are handled with the highest level of security. We deliver a suite of security solutions that safeguard you
and your donors - at no extra cost.

Tokenization & Encryption

Our security solution tokenizes and encrypts all data to ensure it is completely safe.

PCI Compliance

iATS is certified to the highest industry standard.


  • Level 1 PCI/DSS certification certified
  • iATS tools to help meet for PCI Compliance as per Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS)

Fraud Protection

We offer free and customizable fraud protection tools to secure nonprofit and donor data.


  • Address Verification System (AVS)
  • Bank Identification Number (BIN) Blocking
  • Card Verification Code Requirement Capability (CVV2)
  • Card Number and Limit Name Tumbling
  • IP Blocking and IP Velocity Checking
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