2019 iATS Innovator Award - We've Chosen the Winners!

Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in building healthy communities by providing critical services that contribute to economic stability and mobility. Last year, at iATS our team resolved to do more to support the growth and sustainability of the nonprofit community. One way we did this was introducing the iATS Innovator Awards. With your feedback from last year's awards - this year we created 3 categories with $15,000 in donations up for grabs. As always, we are overwhelmed by this year's amazing submissions and all the wonderful endeavors these nonprofits do!

With that being said, we are excited to announce our 2019 iATS Innovator Award Winners:

Most Innovative Fundraising Campaign: 

Boy's & Girls Club of Kootenai

With donors' attention dwindling and competition for donations heating up, nonprofits have been tasked with becoming more and more creative with their fundraising efforts. This year's winner not only created a fun and unique way to engage the community, The Boy's & Girls Club of Kootenai's Egg My House campaign focused on genuinely understanding the demographic they wanted to reach and catering the message in an effective way. Their fundraiser was fun, engaging and naturally created high volunteer engagement. So much so they sold out 2 years in a row (doubling the funds raised year over year)! We cannot wait to share more of their story here!

Runners Up: Transforming Faces - #SmileWithHoseok & Wish of a Lifetime - Cupid Crew


Most Effective Nonprofit Technology Project: 

West Suburban Community Pantry

Whether it's raising money, streamlining manual processes or engaging donors more effectively, it's no secret that technology is transforming the nonprofit sector like never before. This year we recognize the West Suburban Community Pantry and the creation of their online food ordering system! Not only did this pilot program increase access and usage by over 100 families without having the increased expense of expanding their physical footprint, they were able to utilize their donations much more efficiently by creating an inventory system and reduce food waste/spoilage. We look forward to highlighting more of their project and impact it has made in the community. You can also take a look at the Program here: https://helpfulharvestillinois.com/

Runners Up: The Lung Association of Saskatchewan & Share Family & Community Services


Local Hero:

Dr. R.E.M. Lee Hospital Foundation

Did you know that we have a thriving community of over 30,000 local nonprofit organizations in British Columbia, Canada? Since we're a BC company based in downtown Vancouver, we want to do more to support.  This year's winner of our Local Hero Award focuses on ensuring that BC residents of all backgrounds and means have access to healthcare where they live, even in the most remote parts of BC. While raising funds to modernize equipment and retain medical specialists is a large part of what the Dr. R.E.M. Lee Hospital Foundation does, they also focus on the community and are implementing out-of-the box and innovative programs to care for the community in a time of need. 

Runners Up: Wish Drop-In Society & Kinbrace Community Society


We will be featuring many of these inspiring stories on our website and social media accounts throughout the rest of the year, starting with a dedicated post about each winning Nonprofit. Follow us on Twitter @iATSPayments, Facebook and LinkedIn to hear the inspirational campaigns, heart-warming stories, and innovative initiatives highlighted through the #iATSInnovator Award.


As we would love your feedback on how to improve the 3rd annual Innovator Awards in 2020. Let us know your thoughts by taking our quick 3 minute survey.


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