Company News - iATS invests in best-in-class payment processing solutions for nonprofits

[PRESS RELEASE] iATS Payments continues to invest in best-in-class payment processing solutions for nonprofits

Vancouver, Canada — As part of its ongoing investment in leading payment processing solutions for the nonprofit sector, iATS Payments has developed new and improved versions of its Salesforce payment app (Brickwork) and online donation form (Aura) to help nonprofit organizations make the most of Salesforce Lightning, comply with the UK’s new General Data Protection Regulation, and more.

The free Brickwork payment app, available on the Salesforce App Exchange, makes it possible for nonprofit organizations to accept one-time and recurring credit card/direct debit transactions quickly and easily directly from The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). It eliminates the hassle of manual data entry by securely capturing payment information and dynamically updating the organization’s Salesforce environment.

“Salesforce NPSP and Brickwork by iATS Payments work seamlessly together to create our monthly recurring opportunities and record payments.” said Oregon Humane Society’s Ed Pashkin “I would highly recommend iATS Payments to anyone that is looking for a payment processor and is using Salesforce NPSP.”

For those without online donation capabilities, iATS also offers Aura—online donation forms that integrate seamlessly with Brickwork and Salesforce—at no additional charge.

This latest product release ensures Brickwork’s compatibility with the new Lightning platform for Salesforce and NPSP and introduces a new, mobile-friendly design for Aura.

“Brickwork’s strength is the elegance of its simplicity. It does what it’s supposed to do, efficiently and without the clutter of unnecessary functionality,” said iATS partner and Idealist Consulting CEO Rob Jordan. “With the introduction of the new Lightning-ready version, the value of Brickwork is more obvious than ever.”

Recognizing Salesforce’s global reach, iATS has taken steps to provide international Brickwork and Aura customers with the ability to collect donor permissions as required by the United Kingdom’s new General Data Protection Regulation, which is set to come into effect on May 25, 2018.

“As a payment solutions provider devoted exclusively to nonprofits, we’re keenly aware of the sector’s unique challenges,” explained iATS President Andrew Mosawi. “By investing heavily in our solutions, and releasing updates like this one on a frequent basis, we’re able to provide timely, best-in-class solutions that our nonprofit clients can depend on.”

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About iATS Payments
With over 10,000 clients and billions of dollars in annual processing, iATS Payments is the leading provider of payment solutions to nonprofit organizations and technology partners around the world. iATS draws on over 20 years of experience to provide secure, simple and cost-effective credit card and direct debit (ACH) processing.

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