Brickwork, the Salesforce

Payment Processing App

for Nonprofits.

The only Salesforce payment processor app that
focuses exclusively on servicing nonprofits.

Seamless & Easy


Brickwork by iATS is a fully integrated, native Salesforce app that helps you save time and money by reducing manual data entry costs and streamlining your payment processes. The installation is easy and immediate, and there's no need for any technical skills to set up and manage Brickwork.

Simplify Your Recurring Donations




  • Seamlessly integrate Salesforce CRM and Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).
  • Simplify donor updates, batch importing, and scheduled recurring donations.
  • Take donations from anywhere with secure online forms and offline virtual terminals.
  • Keep you donor database and your transactions all in one convenient place.

Trusted by Nonprofits


iATS has an unmatched understanding of nonprofit needs, so we created a Salesforce app specifically designed for you. When we built Brickwork, we wanted to provide a reliable and secure end-to-end solution. We're committed to helping you run your organization smoothly and efficiently, and it shows. Brickwork has a 4.7/5 rating on the Salesforce Appexchange.


We're here to support you in making a difference.

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“This product is very easy to use, very easily customized, and customer service is ALWAYS helpful!”
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Flexible and Customizable

Brickwork is configurable for all nonprofits using Salesforce, making it the best solution to meet the needs of your donors and your organization.

Used for one-off and recurring payments, Brickwork is the payment solution built with the nonprofit payment processing experience that only iATS can offer.

  • Use the iATS settings tab to customize and set preferences that work for you
  • Accept a wide range of online payments and currencies
  • We can recommend Salesforce consultant partners who are experts in Brickwork implementation and customization
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Nonprofits have unique security needs and face a higher than average rate of fraud attempts. iATS helps protect your organization with fraud and risk protection tailored to its needs, while at the same time eliminating the risk of losing mission-critical donations. We work with you to help protect your organization and your donors, so you can rest easy knowing your sensitive information is handled with the highest level of security.

  • iATS has Payment Card Industry (PCI) security certification Level 1.
  • Each Merchant ID has the ability to set customizable fraud protections.
  • Unlike many other providers, our advanced security tools are free.
  • We block over 64 million dollars worth of fraud attempts per year.


You need your fundraising data tracked and reported accurately and automatically so you can build upon data insights to optimize your fundraising efforts. With recurring payments, verification, ledger, and data reconciliation reports built right in, you can spend less time building reports and more time focused on what matters most - delivering on your mission.

We know your team doesn't have time to wait on hold. iATS has industry leading support resolution times, and you can reach our representatives by phone or email.

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Save Time and Money

With features like automated donation confirmation emails, Brickwork is integrated, simple and reliable. Spend less time and money on admin and use those resources towards your mission.

Simple Batch and Recurring Transactions

Brickwork enables you to manage payments of all kinds, including batch uploads, recurring and even offline. You'll never miss another donation.

Seemlessly Linked to Your Donor Database

Brickwork is a native Salesforce application, meaning it was built in Salesforce for Salesforce. This ensure you can easily maintain your donor database and avoid creating duplicate contacts or missing a new donor.

Integration for Online Forms

Easily add online forms to any page on your website to instantly create a donation page. Brickwork is integrated with our online forms solution, allowing you to sell merchandise, accept donations, and attract new donors from multiple places.

No Hidden Fees. No Surprises

iATS offers a static rate structure with no setup, gateway, or premium card fees.

“Every single time I have called iATS, I have an amazing customer experience. Their representatives are professional, helpful, and always work quickly to help me find a solution.”
G2 Crowd Review
Making Salesforce Integration Easy

Direct integration with Salesforce and the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP): simple and reliable payment processing for nonprofits.