#GivingTuesday Data Project

#GivingTuesday Data Project Fuels Creative Fundraising Campaigns

In the world of non-profit financial technology, data is the key to increasing fundraising and donations. Utilizing the available data regarding the giving habits and preferences of those who donate to charity can help non-profits become more successful in their fundraising efforts.

Giving Tuesday, is a movement to create an internationally recognized day of giving that precedes the holiday season, to increase awareness of the donation needs of non-profits. iATS Payments is proud to share donation data with the Giving Tuesday Data Project to help improve and inform fundraising strategies.

According to research by Giving USA, giving in the United States as a percentage of GDP has remained relatively flat and stagnant. For 2016, American individuals, estates, foundations and corporations contributed an estimated $390.05 billion to US-based charities. Adjusted for inflation, that represents a rise of only 1.4% in giving from the previous year.

The good news is that events such as Giving Tuesday, which relies heavily on social media promotional posts and impressions, has shown to result in a net lift in giving for non-profits. Launched in 2012, Giving Tuesday has been supported by partner organizations such as Google, Sony and Microsoft.

Celebrated in 98 countries worldwide, Giving Tuesday has shown to have increased monetary donations by 101% between 2012 and 2016. Statistics also show that organizations who launched their year-end fundraising efforts on Giving Tuesday raised five times more money overall than those that did not.

iATS is proud to report that our partners who participated in this year’s Giving Tuesday processed nearly 70,000 fundraising related transactions on that day, raising over $9 million in total. One such partner, Plan Canada, celebrated Giving Tuesday by operating a Gifts of Hope pop up shop. This gave people a chance to buy gifts, including much-needed livestock, goats, for those in need. It’s unique events and success stories like these that have helped create the net lift in donations associated with Giving Tuesday.

Because of this, iATS was honored to be among the 37 data platform partners who participated in Giving Tuesday’s collaborative data collection program on this November. The data collected from these partners was gathered from online donations made to US-based nonprofits. Social media analytics and data were also provided to the project.

The complied data gathered during this project helps to promote the annual growth and engagement of Giving Tuesday. This, in turn, helps organizations which have seen a stagnation or drop in their donations re-engage with and excite the pool of donors in the United States. iATS Payments was proud to participate in Giving Tuesday 2017 and looks forward to the continued growth of the charity movement in the coming year.

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