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Nonprofit Networking: Engaging Donors on Social Media

Because social media is so integral to today's society, establishing a strategy to engage donors and potential givers on social platforms is essential, no matter the demographic of the organization. While it may seem as though social sites are strictly for fun and entertainment, they are quickly evolving into platforms on which to build solid personal and professional relationships. Seventy-four percent of adults who use the Internet are on social media, with the ages of users ranging from 18 years old to 64 years old.


What the Statistics Say

Recent studies show that while 90 percent of adult Internet users from the ages of 18 to 29 are active on social media, with 78 percent of Internet users between the ages of 30 and 49 engage on social platforms. In addition, 65 percent of adults online ages 50 to 64 use social profiles. Seventy-one percent of all adults online are active on Facebook, deeming it the most popular social networking site on the Internet. These numbers point to the importance of fundraising with a social media strategy that will engage all ages of users. In fact, 41 percent of Americans learn about the causes they support through information they find on social media.


Strategy is Key

Not only do these numbers point to the overall need for a social media strategy, but research shows that nonprofits have had added success to their fundraising routines because they raise awareness on social platforms. A detailed plan is the most important, as 41 percent of nonprofits said an organized and specific strategy helped them find.

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