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Strategies for Driving Next Generation Givers

The future of your nonprofit lies in the hands of the young. Millennials and members of Generation Z account for nearly half of the U.S. population, according to a Nielsen report. The baby boomers were the last generation comparable in size. Knowing how to appeal to the next-generation of donors is crucial for the expansion of your nonprofit.


Get to Know The Future

It is essential to acquaint you and your nonprofit with the interests and behavioral patterns of a demographic you want to turn into donors. Know how to appeal to upcoming generations and appeal to them using your understanding of their typical personalities and traits.

The aforementioned Nielsen report defined millennials as those born between 1977 and 1995 while Generation Z was born between 1995 and present day. Members of Generation Z are the youngest emerging demographic in the world. They remain connected through technology and digital devices, according to Business Insider. Millennials, the next older generation, also share connectivity and a dependence on technology.

In addition, Nielsen reported 85.0 percent, of individuals between the ages of 18 and 24 are smartphone owners and 86.2 percent of people aged 25 to 34 own a smartphone. That is an overwhelming majority of young adults who use this advanced technology on a daily basis. These generations communicate using selfies, emojis and GIFS. Pew Research indicated a whopping 55 percent of young adults have uploaded a selfie onto a social media website. Visual, mobile and creative communication that is quickly done is the best way to reach these generations.

Social media is especially important to young adults. Nielsen, an American Global information and measurement company, noted the importance of remaining constantly connected through social media and other digital or mobile channels.


Appealing to The Future

Young adults strive to contribute positively to their communities. Members of these generations show interest in philanthropy and have the drive to become loyal donors. Once your nonprofit taps into this market, you can secure the future of your cause.

Technology helps 54 percent of millennials remain in touch with family, friends and other acquaintances. Also, embrace the selfie generation and consider having a photo contest on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Reach out to these two generations by utilizing social media and other digital channels.

Make donating simple by allowing for mobile donations with digital wallets. Capture the interest of millennials and members of Generation Z with riveting tweets, posts and pictures and make giving simple.

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